Travels of Ben & Krysta

What to Pack

Everything that we’re bringing will be on our backs in our ~40L backpacks and small daypacks. These are relatively small in comparison to many travelers who bring 70-80L packs. 40-46L is a great size, in our opinion, because it enables you to carry it on most flights and forces you to pack light. Overpacking is definitely one of the biggest regrets for most travelers.

Ben’s Packing List

Osprey Porter 46L backpack

Osprey 20L daypack

3 packing cubes:

5 quick dry t-shirts
1 quick dry long sleeve shirt
2 long sleeve button ups
5 pairs of Exofficio underwear
3 pairs of hiking/travel pants
2 pairs of hiking shorts
1 pair of athletic shorts
1 pair of thin pajama pants
5 pairs of socks

Waterproof compression bag:

Fleece pullovear
Packable down jacket
Packable rain jacket

Random necessities:

Battery pack
Toiletry bag with packable towel
Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, soap
Eddie Bauer waterproof shoes
Flip flops
iPad mini
Delorme Inreach Explorer satellite device
Headphones and splitter
Two adapters
Beard trimmer
First aid kit with malaria pills, band aids, anti-diarrhea pills, etc
Insect repellent
Sea2Summit silk sleeping liner
Filtered water bottle
Ear plugs
Laundry detergent strips
Copies of important documents; i.e. vaccinations, credit cards, passport
US dollars
International driver’s license
Visa application for Bolivia
Spare passport photos
2 TSA locks

Krysta’s Packing List

Tortuga 40L Original backpack

Osprey 20L day pack

2 pants – one convertible into capris
1 yoga capris
1 hiking shorts
1 running shorts
Hiking shoes
Keen sandals
7 socks (half tall hiking, half short)
8 underwear
8 nice tank top
1 Cami
1 work out tank top
2 quick dry tees
1 3/4 sleeve quick dry shirt
1 button plaid long sleeve shirt
2 quick dry long sleeve shirts
1 quick dry long sleeve shall
1 bikini
2 sports bras
1 regular bra
Dive watch, dive book, and certifications
GoPro: dive accessories, extra battery, charger
iPad, iPhone, one charger
Selfie stick
Shampoo bar
Bar of soap
Powder shampoo
Detangler spray
Leave in conditioner (cowboy magic)
Mini brush
2 3oz lotions
Face wash
Sunscreen (face)
Two mini toothpaste
2 Chapstick
Heel scrubber
Two small eye shadows and brush
Eyelash curler
Bronzer and brush
Nail file
Eye drops
Eye ointment
Hair ties
Eye cleaner medication
Cotton makeup pads (for eyes)
Laundry soap sheets (container of 50)
Large plastic zip lock (for laundry)
Small flashlight
Quick dry travel towel
Packable down jacket
Packable rain jacket
Small pocket notebook
Eye mask
First aid kit: malaria medication, altitude sickness meds, travelers diarrhea antibiotics, bug repellant wipes, anti itch cream packets, Advil, Tylenol, bandaids
Bag locks and wire rope
Outlet converter
Rain covers
1L water bottle
Carabiner (two to attach water bottles)
Small shoulder purse
Immunization record
Extra passport photos
Copies of all IDs and cards
Copies of all travel and health insurance
Bag to hold all important documents
Granola bars and energy bites
2 dirty/clean packing cubes
1 compression bag
Shared items: Neosporin, Benadryl, Bonine (seasickness meds), hand sanitizer, roll of toilet paper